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Cable Railing Systems

Cable Railing SystemsA complete cable assembly for Cable Railing Systems must have the following elements:

1) A turnbuckle or an adjustable threaded terminal to tension the cable,

2) An attachment point at each end, with an end fitting, that will support the tension.

Unless you have these two elements, you do not have a proper cable assembly. For simplicity, you cannot go wrong with the Classic Style Stainless Steel Turnbuckle. It is based on classic yacht turnbuckles and come in four styles that work well for cable railings: Jaw, Deck Toggle, Button, and Ball. They also work on wood and metal railings with cable spans up to 50′.

When your assemblies have been selected, a Cable Fabricator is necessary to put your assemblies together. Cable Industries has over 40 years experience in cable fabrication.

NOTE: We do not make wood railings but will provide the dimensions/specifications for them with the assemblies.

Cable Railing Systems

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