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Wire Rope CablesCable and wire rope seem to be used interchangeably, or you will see them combined and referred to as “wire rope cables.” Wire rope actually refers to a diameter larger than 3/8″ whereas small sizes are considered to be cable or cords.

Cable is also referred to as Aircraft Cable. This does not mean that they are only used for aircrafts. Because aircraft cable is strong, thin, flexible, and one of the most useful types of steel cables available, it is used in many applications such as zip lines, garage doors, exercise equipment, sailboat rigging, stage rigging, and pulleys/winches to name a few.

Wire Strand Core (WSC), commonly referred to as 7 x 19, is available in smaller diameters than wire rope. Wire Strand Core has high tensile strength and has greater resistance to abrasion. Recommended for use over pulleys.

Cable that is referred to as 1 x 19 has a Fiber Core (FC) which is used when flexibility in handling is required.

Wire Rope CablesIndependent Wire Rope Core (IWRC) is used in applications of high tensile stress and high operating temperatures. A rope with an IWRC is approximately 11% heavier and 7.5% stronger than Fiber Core rope of the same size.

Stainless Steel cable is most commonly referred to as Type 302/304, Type 305 or Type 316. Type 302/304 is used in the manufacturing of wire rope and in applications requiring corrosion protection. Type 305 is used in applications using sensitive instruments because it is nonmagnetic, and type 316 is used in the marine industry because it has excellent corrosion protection.

For more information on the best type of cable or wire rope for your particular application, please contact our Sales Representative at 844-947-3767 or email us at customcable@cableind.com.

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