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Cable Industries

Custom Cable Assemblies

Cable Industries fabricates custom cable assemblies to your exact specifications.

Galvanized and stainless steel, uncoated and coated, clear or colored with an unlimited combination of sizes, lengths and end fittings, we can provide what you need, when you need it. No requirement is too big or too small. Contact Cable Industries for lanyards, door cables, taglines, wire railings, marine applications, winch lines, hoist cables, and special wire rope fabrications.

Examples of our best selling cable assemblies:

Thimble-Thimble Cable Assembly

Thimble-Thimble Assembly

Plain Eye-Plain Eye Cable Assembly

Plain Eye-Plain Eye Assembly

Stake Eye-Stake Eye Cable Assembly

Stake Eye-Stake Eye Assembly

Thimble Eye-Plain Eye Cable Assembly

Thimble Eye-Plain Eye Assembly

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Custom Cable Assemblies / Inventory Management

Need Cable Assemblies but  don’t have the room to store them? No problem! At Cable Industries, we provide a “custom cable assembly bank” service where we store your critical assemblies and ship them out to you overnight when you need them. For more information, contact our Sales Representative at customcable@cableind.com or call us at 844-947-3767 (844-WIRE-ROPE).

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