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Deck Railing System Components

There are three components for Deck Railing Systems:

Deck Railing SystemTurnbuckle – For architectural railing purposes, cable needs to be tensioned mechanically. The most common way to do this is with a turnbuckle. Generally a conventional turnbuckle can tension the cable up to 50’ in a straight run and meet code.

Attachment Point at each end with End Fitting – Posts are necessary to attach the turnbuckles. Posts come in a variety of materials. It is best to discuss your project with Cable Industries to determine the best solution as well as correct number of assemblies needed to complete your cable railing project.

Wire Rope – For all major components, Cable Industries uses Type 316 stainless steel. Type 316 is low-carbon “18-8” chromium-nickel stainless steel modified by the addition of molybdenum, which greatly increases its corrosion resistance.

When your assemblies have been selected, a Cable Fabricator is necessary to put your assemblies together. Cable Industries has over 40 years experience in cable fabrication.

NOTE: We do not make wood railings but will provide the dimensions/specifications for them with the assemblies.

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