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Wire Rope Sizes

Before selecting your wire rope sizes, let’s identify the differences between aircraft cable and wire rope. The term Cable is the generic name for aircraft cable which ranges in size from 1/32″ to 3/8″. Cable that is over 3/8″ is considered wire rope. There are many constructions included in wire rope, but most common are 6 x 19 and 6 x 37 class. The strands of wire wrap around the core of the aircraft cable and wire rope and can be made of cable or polypropylene rope. The wires are then “preformed”, a process by which the individual wires become closed into a helix and become one strand.

Selecting Cable Composition and Coating

The cable material types are Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel Wire, and Galvanized Carbon Steel Wire. Stainless Steel is used in applications that need corrosion protection, Carbon Steel Wire is sometimes called Plow Steel, is wear-resistant, and Galvanized is stronger than Stainless Steel. Coating your cable is optional, however, because it is fairly inexpensive and increases the life of your cable, it is recommended. The most common type is a PVC jacket which can be clear or colored. Teflon is used in applications where the cable is being used in high temperature or with chemicals.

Application – Cable Types (select cable type for more information)

Aircraft Cable – 1 x 7 Aircraft Cable – 3 x 7
    Straight Line Applications
      • Architectural/Deck Railings
      • Agricultural
Aircraft Cable – 7 x 7 Aircraft Cable – 7 x 19
    Architectural/Deck Railings
      • Garage Doors
      • Hanging Signs
      • Antennas/Flagpoles
      • Tie-Downs
Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable – 7 x 19
      • Garage Doors
      • Safety Cables
      • Light Rigging

Application – Cable Sizes

Most popular railing size: 3/16″

Best railing size for high traffic areas (airports): 1/4″

Best for residential applications: 1/8″

For assistance with selecting the appropriate wire rope sizes for your application, contact our Sales Representative at 800-242-3477 or get a FREE quote online. Our team is happy to assist you with your cable needs from selection and design, to installation.

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