Sailboat Rigging Hardware


Cable Industries ( has a wide variety of sailboat rigging hardware available. Whether you need new life lines and standing rigging or need hardware, we can provide all of your sailboat hardware at reasonable prices. The sailboat turnbuckles, gate eye and gate hook styles below are the most commonly used.

Sailboat Turnbuckles

Following are some of our most common hardware replacement parts:

Toggle Jaws

Toggle Jaw, “T” Style – Generally used at the stern rail when no gate is required with a turnbuckle forward.

Toggle Jaw, Old Style – Same as above only uses toggle nut style instead of “T” bolt style.

Pelican Hooks

Snap Gate Hook “Over Center” – This is our latest and best design yet. Features the “over center” design with no load on the swinging hook when closed. This feature allows easy opening yet stays secure with a heavy split ring on the plunger latching device. Investment Cast T-316 Stainless Steel.

Safe Lock Gate Hook T-316 – Stainless, safe, inexpensive design, the practical sailor is called a “well engineered hunk of metal”. Adjusts in place with knurled nut, stamped metal construction – 3-3/4” long from end of body to inside bearing point of hook.

Stanchion Terminals

Stanchion terminals are used where the cable needs to be terminated at the stanchion.

Gate Eyes

Swivel, Interlocking Gate Eye – An interlocking gate eye is used at the opposite end of the gate hook as a “hinge” for the gate.

Swivel, Single Gate Eye – A single eye is used on one end of the gate area to attach the gate hook.


Tubular Slotted Turnbuckle  – Unique design features a slot with wraparound rings which fit through a cross-hole in terminal for secure locking. T-316 stainless steel.

Deck Toggle Turnbuckle – This “T” bolt style fitting is used on decks or bulkheads. Toggle nut style also available to match old style. T-316 stainless steel.

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