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Cable Industries

Wire Rope Noncoated Cable

Stainless Steel CableCable Industries offers non-coated stainless steel cable at economical prices and to meet your exact specifications. We carry the following non-coated cable:

Stainless Steel 304

The non-coated stainless steel cable withstands high temperatures and is corrosion resistant, making it widely used for a large range of operation. Commonly found in the manufacturing, mining, marine, oil, automotive accessory and construction industries.

Stainless Steel 316

Use this cable in highly corrosive environments such as marine and aircraft. The breaking strength is typically ten percent less than the Stainless Steel 304 type alloy.

Galvanized Aircraft Cable

This multiple use, heavy gauge wire has superior strength for guy wires, net suspension, tether lines and animal leashes. Do NOT use this cable for overhead lifting or as a safety device.

Cable Industries is committed to providing quality cable, fittings and hardware that exceed your expectations. We are happy to quote your project from start to finish. We invite you to REQUEST A QUOTE or EMAIL US for all of your custom cable assembly needs.

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