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Types of Webbing

Synthetic web slings are typically made from either Nylon or Polyester. The type you choose will depend on the application you will be using the slings for. Because nylon and polyester are affected differently by chemicals, temperature, and stretch, you will want to advise the charts below to understand the differences, pros and cons of each type.

Nylon – Is the most widely used because it is unaffected by oil and grease. In addition it has excellent chemical resistant to strong alkalies. Do not use in temperatures in excess of 194 degrees fahrenheit. The stretch of a nylon sling at capacity is approximately 8-10%.

Polyester – Is used when acid is present and a minimum amount of stretch is required. Do not use when sulfuric acid or alkaline is present or temperatures exceed 194 degrees fahrenheit. The stretch of a polyester sling at capacity is approximately 3%.


Webbing Slings

* Disintegrated by concentrated sulfuric acid.
** Disintegrated by strong alkalis at elevated temperatures.

Web Slings Temperature Chart
Cable Industries can fabricate custom webbing slings for your specialized application. For more information, call our Sales Representative at 844-947-3767 or email us at customcable@cableind.com.

For standard size web slings, visit our line at WiscoLift.

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