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Styles of Wire Railings

Cable Industries has many varieties of wire rope cable, end fittings, and cable tensioners to beautify your next Wire Railings project. Below is additional information to help you determine the cable components that are necessary, or if you are already familiar with the components needed, you can bypass the following information and go to our Custom Form.

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Wire Railings ~ Cable Type

Wire RailingsThe cable material types available are:

Stainless Steel – Stainless Steel is used in applications that need corrosion protection.

Carbon Steel Wire – Carbon Steel Wire, sometimes called Plow Steel, is wear-resistant.

Galvanized Carbon Steel Wire – Galvanized is stronger than Stainless Steel.

The preferred cable for Cable Railing Systems is 1 x 19 for pedestrian railings because it is very rigid and has the lowest stretch under load. In instances where the application involves sharp turns or runs, more flexible 7 x 7 or 7 x 19 can be used.


Coated or Uncoated Cable

Wire RailingsCoating your cable is optional, however, because it is fairly inexpensive and increases the life of your cable, it is recommended. The most common type is a PVC jacket which can be clear or colored. See our color options here:

Color Coated Cable - Wire Railings
Left to right – Day Glo Pink, Day Glo Yellow, Day Glo Orange, Day Glo Green, Trans Blue, Trans Red, Trans Yellow, Opaque Dark Blue, Trans Orange and Trans Green. Additional colors are Glossy Beige, Chestnut Brown, Dark Brown, Black, White, and Medium Gray.



Cable Assembly Options

Assembly-Types - Wire Railings

  • Decko Turnbuckles - Wire RailingsButton Smooth Line Turnbuckle

  • Smooth Line Button Terminal

  • Toggle Jaw

  • Swage to Swage Turnbuckle

  • Welded Tab

  • Threaded Terminal Through Bolt

  • Threaded Into Rail

  • Terminal Tuner Turnbuckle

  • Button and Swage Turnbuckle

  • Button Terminal

  • Deck Toggle Turnbuckle

  • “The Terminator”

  • Ball End Smooth Line

  • Ball End Terminal

  • Deck Toggle

  • 30 percent Angled Washer for Stairways (Use with button ends)


Not sure HOW MANY CABLE ASSEMBLIES you need for your Cable Wire Railings? NO PROBLEM. Just call our SPECIALIST and let them know the dimensions of the area you need railings for. They can EXACT A QUOTE FOR YOU.

Fill out our quotation form for your obligation-free quote or contact us at 844-947-3767 (WireRope).

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